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Preferred Years of Experience

3 - 5 years

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Application Deadline

Aug 31, 2017 Login to Apply

Job Description

Triplex Forklifts Limited seeks qualified candidates to fill this role



Job Description

  • Understand and articulate the strategic objectives and goals of our Equipment Maintenance and
  • Repairs Operations. Develop a clear vision of exactly how to achieve them.
  • (Our strategic objective and goal is to Utilize Industry Recommended Preventive Maintenance
  • and Repairs Methods/Documentation for all activities on our Equipment)
  • Monitor all Preventive Maintenance and Repair activities performed by Technicians on all our
  • equipment. Reporting and Documenting all activities pointing out areas that does not confirm to
  • our objectives/goals especially Preventive Maintenance due but not performed
  • Work with Technicians to Diagnoses and troubleshoot various systems/components on our
  • equipment – Engine, Transmission, Axles, Chassis, Hydraulic, Mast and Electrical Components.
  • Making sure proper methods and process (Manuals, Internet, Diagnostic Tools, etc.) are used to
  • accurately diagnose and find solutions to problems
  • Provide instruction and training to other lower-level mechanics/electricians on the proper
  • methods and processes necessary to perform equipment repair, inspection, and preventive maintenance
  • Plan and Manage material resources (parts, lubricants, tools, etc.), for the effective operations of our maintenance and repairs activities at our various sites
  • Communicate and relate with other management staff within our company in order to keep our maintenance/repairs operations running smoothly
  • Coordinate and develop effective management and documentation of materials (parts, equipment, etc.). This includes:
  • Work with Inventory (accounts) and Store Department to monitor inventory usage at various sites
  • Handle and document movement of parts and other materials
  • Coordinate with Technicians to make sure all materials, goods, and resources needed to maintain our equipment and machines are provided timely and documented
  • Forecast obstacles and develop contingency plans with Technicians so as to adjust in order to maintain our equipment operations as conditions changes or as resources are limited
  • Look out for opportunities to Cut Cost of equipment maintenance/repairs activities and increase efficiency of our equipment operations




  • 4+ Years hands-on experience with mechanical, electrical and equipment/automotive maintenance and repairs operations
  • Extensive knowledge in the repairs and maintenance of equipment and auto vehicles
  • Able to read, understand, & apply information from manuals & computers including troubleshooting documents, electrical circuits, etc.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the troubleshooting and diagnosing process on Equipment and Auto Vehicles
  • Ability to work with detailed information under considerable time limitations and without supervision.
  • Desire and ability to learn new technologies.
  • Diagnostic skills/experience & attention to detail a must.
  • Strong verbal & documentation skills
  • Strong character & work ethic
  • Dependable, responsible team player with a positive attitude


Education and Experience:

  • Graduate Degree in any relevant field of study
  • Certification in any Technical Field
  • 4+ Years’ Experience in Technical Field

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